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Ingredients for fuel

The constant evolution of modern engine technology (cars, trucks, buses, rail, farm equipment, marine, powergen, etc.) requires the use of top-quality fuels, as far as stability, specification compliance, combustion, consumption, and emissions are concerned. Such top-quality fuels are obtained through the use of dedicated high-performance additives.
ADDIFLOW® product range consists of a unique, comprehensive portfolio of highly complex fuel additives (diesel, off-road diesel, biodiesel, heating oil, heavy fuel oil and gasoline).


They have been specially elaborated to provide a broad array of outstanding benefits, such as: 


1. Substantial cost saving by boosting power and performance, reducing fuel
consumption, and operation and maintenance costs.


2. A significant contribution to better environmental protection and carbon footprint reduction by reducing harmful smoke and exhaust gas emissions


3. “Clean and keep clean” effect, preventing the formation of deposits, unburnt dirt andresidues in fuel injection and admission systems, injectors and intake valves, and combustion chambers – Preventing injector wear and failure


4. Improved fuel lubricity and optimized fuel flow


5. Optimal engine operating conditions with clean intake, injection and combustion systems, providing a safety margin for lubrication, and protection of the cooling system.


6. Repair and prevention of minor defects, such as cracks and leaks.


7. Improved fuel quality, and extended engine and equipment lifespan.


We proposed as well as all the specific ingredients for fuels and multifunctional performance additives package with or without solvents. ADDIFLOW® fuel additive solutions provide a unique, innovative approach towards maximizing fuel and engine performance, thanks to our chemical and fuel additive technology, market knowledge and expertise.


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