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Ingredients for industrial detergents

Good system maintenance proves an essential part of keeping the system running effectively and efficiently. This involves good cleaning and lubrication. Industrial detergents used to clean systems should fulfil certain properties:

  • High detergency.
  • They must not chemically attack the system.
  • Protective the surface.
  • Foam control.
  • Suitable operating temperature range.
  • Apart from cleaning, also disinfecting, descaling, etc.
  • Suitable for sectors with specific requirements such as food and environmentally friendly.

Lumar has the following additives available for the formulation of industrial cleaners: surfactants, anti-foaming agents, defoamers, waxes, rheological and anti-deposition agents.

Industrial Detergents Specialist
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Industrial Detergents Specialist

+34 935 947 500