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When being Eco-friendly is much more than just an attitude

When being Eco-friendly is much more than just an attitude
At Lumar, our work is committed to sustainability, a way of acting and respecting the environment. That is why we help you formulate lubricants that are more environmentally sustainable. New EP additive on the LUSC-List. 
  • LUMAR promotes the formulation of lubricants and greases with less environmental impact. For this reason, we have expanded our portfolio to include the SEQENS SULFAD ®1523E additive.
  • SULFAD ®1523E is on the LUSC-List (Lubricant Substance Classification list), a list of various substances and products to facilitate the formulation of lubricants that meet EU Ecolabel criteria.
  • SULFAD®1523E is a sulphur mixture of natural fatty acid esters, soluble in Group I, II, III and naphthenic oils. It is a light-coloured, low-odour, copper non-corrosive EP additive, especially recommended for the formulation of greases and cutting and forming fluids.
  • If you’d like to know more about our range of environmentally friendly products,  please Contact us.

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