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New Range of AW/EP additives

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The extensive catalogue of products that LUMAR offers its customers now includes a new AW/EP additive.


SULFAD® 1717E by SEQENS. The product is based on a mixture of sulphurised esters and natural fatty acids, with 17% sulphur, which has a light colour, low odour and is compatible with group I, II, III and naphthenic base stocks. SULFAD® 1717E was developed in order to achieve optimal AW/EP properties and protection against non-ferrous metal corrosion such as copper, in the presence of both esters and paraffinic oil.


SULFAD® 1717E is an extreme pressure additive recommended for cutting fluids and deformation for metalworking applications, as well as for greases additivation, which, thanks to its notable features, makes it a versatile additive that is suitable for various types of formulations.


Furthermore, it is a product that is not classified according to Regulation (EC) No.
1272/2008 (CLP).


If you would like to know more about this new range of additives, please contact us at

aditivos AW/EP​

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