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Antifreeze is a product that when diluted in water, results in a coolant whose primary function is to protect a system by dissipating heat to keep the system at the optimum working temperature. This is achieved by lowering the freezing point of the base chosen for cooling/heat removal from the system. Antifreeze is composed of a base fluid, usually, mono ethylene glycol (MEG) or propylene glycol (PEG), to which additives are added to protect the system from corrosion and oxidation. Corrosion protection is for all metal and/or alloy types, with special emphasis on aluminium alloys and light metals.


Antifreezes have evolved over time, and there are currently three general technologies available depending on the corrosion inhibitors used:


● Inorganic additive technology (IAT): based on nitrates, silicates, phosphates and/or borates.

● Organic additive technology (OAT): based on organic acids, free of silicates and phosphates.

● Hybrid organic acid technology (HOAT):

     – Si-OAT: based on organic acids and silicates, free of nitrates and phosphates.
     – PSi-OAT: based on organic acids, silicates and phosphates, free of nitrates.
     – NOAT: based on organic acids, containing nitrites and/or molybdenum, free of silicates and phosphates.

     – POAT: based on organic acids, containing phosphates, free of silicates.




In the automotive industry, there are various types of antifreeze depending on the core technology and engine type. The Volkswagen Group defines specifications that have changed over the years to protect the engine and maintain the ideal temperature.



At LUMAR, we have a wide range of additives and packages for antifreeze:



Additionally, we have a DIELECTRIC COOLING FLUID for hydrogen vehicles, FCV (Fuel Cell Vehicles), ready for use. It has a very low electrical conductivity and is stable in the long term, thanks to the use of non-ionic inhibitors. That enables safe electrical operation of the fuel cell unit.


For other applications, LUMAR also has antifreeze available:


● For food
● For solar panels
● Biodegradable for marine
● Biodegradable for runway de-icing
● Biodegradable for runway de-icing


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